With every home, there is a story to tell.
Let us help you tell yours.

Assisting property developers and real estate professionals with showcasing their properties through an impactful visual/video media. Serve up an intimate connection to your brand and enhance your marketing appeal through a combination of thoughtfully planned scripted agent narratives, property walk-through and cinematic storytelling.

Walk-Through Sampling

Agent Bio/Brand | Provide prospective clients with an opportunity to learn a little about you and what you stand for through a thoughtfully crafted Agent Bio.

Social Media Engagement | Leverage the your social media channels with branded content updates

Luxury Estate | Scripted Narrated Walk Through

New Construction Drone Coverage

Property Walk-Through

Drone Reel

:60 Social Media Property Promo

:60 Property Walk-through Promo Video

Helping Real Estate Professionals Attract New Buyers – Delivering Your Vision Through Visual Media.

Standard Walk-through: Interior rooms, front and back property set to music, includes open and closing titles and agent info overlays.
Narrative Walk-through
: Add a scripted narration with professional voice over for even greater impact and engagement.
Agent Profile Bio:
Deliver your knowledge and personality through an Agent Profile Bio Video, adding credibility and additional value to both buyers and sellers.
Agent walk-through: The agent as the host of a particular walkthrough, includes an opening of agent on camera narrating walk through of property.
Drone Fly-Over: Showcase your property with video and photographic fly-over imagery.

I look forward to helping you showcase your next listing. Call me anytime.
Tim Barbini | Visual Media Content